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HowTo: ActionBarSherlock + MapFragment + ListFragment

Today I’ll write about how to have 2 fragments in one Activity, one of them containing a ListView (for example), and the other one containing a MapView, and all of this with a supercool ActionBarSherlock! The perfect combo!

The problem

It’s quite simple: if you want to use fragments with a MapView, you’re not allowed to do it in an easy way.

There’s no MapFragment that can be held by a FragmentActivity or a MapFragmentActivity that can hold both a MapView and some fragments #fail. So, what’s the solution?

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Using an ActionBar in your Android app with ActionBarSherlock

First of all, who am I?

Hey there! I’m Xavi Rigau, a 21 year old Spanish student (I’ll finish my IT degree this summer) who loves Android Development. I started programming for Android as a hobby in the summer of 2009, but when I started university again in October I left it for a while.

Then I started my internship in a company called Tempos 21 in October, 1st 2010. It’s a consultant specialized in mobility. First day I did some boring stuff because I was supposed to be in the Testing department. The problem was that there was only one Android developer (which name is Paulo) at that time and when I said that I had programmed a little on Android they thought it should be better if I could help Paulo a little. Since then I’ve been working there as an Android developer, so I’ve been into this 1 year and a half now.

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